Getting started in Colosseum

1. Pick a role

There are two roles in Colosseum (“Colo”), these are Vanguard and Rearguard (“support”)

Vanguards hold the front line, deal damage and try to stay alive. There is only room for 5 vanguards so you have to be among the strongest 5 in the guild to get a slot*.

* Unless one or more of the top 5 players actively chooses to be a rearguard.

Rearguards only inflict 10% of the damage they deal, but their buffs, debuffs, and heals are at full strength, therefore their job is to keep the vanguard alive, buffed, and the enemy debuffed.

Story mode and event chapters become harder as a rearguard class, since they are focused on supporting other players, they do not have the raw damage output of the vanguard classes. If you intend to be a support player, you should probably also work on a damage class on the side to aid progression. The easiest damage class to use, by far, is the Mage, since they use the same weapons as support classes.

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2. Pick your main class

ClassDoes mainlyRecommended for Colo?
BreakerSingle target physical damageNo
GunnerSingle target magic damageNo
PaladinMulti target magic damageYes
CrusherMulti target physical damageYes
MageMulti target magic damageNo

Breakers and Gunners are still viable in Colo if you have really good weapon grids for them, but the multi-damage from Polearms and Hammers weigh heavily in favor of Paladins and Crushers. Mage is not encouraged because there is no demon buff for Orbs.

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3. Find out your main and secondary weapons

ClassMain weaponSecondary weapons
PaladinPolearmsHammers, Blades, Ranged
CrusherHammers (“Heavy”)Polearms, Blades, Ranged
SorcererTomesStaves, Instruments, Orbs
ClericStavesTomes, Instruments, Orbs
MinstrelInstrumentsStaves, Tomes, Orbs

These are the weapons you should build. Weapons not usable by your class become useful as sub-gear further on, so keep off-class S and SR weapons for later, when you have upgrade materials to spare on sub-gear.

Grade A weapons are just fodder, never worth building.

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When starting out, you should level up your weapons evenly. This game doesn’t reward having one weapon at level 120 and everything else at level 1. Try to get your entire grid to level 30, then 40, and so on.

4. Time to go shopping

Once you collect 750 crystals, go to Menu → Shop → Items and buy the weapon pack for your selected role 5 times. Then limit break these weapons to max. One guaranteed SR and four good S weapons at only 150 crystals a pop, that’s a great value!

5. Enter the Colosseum

If you are a vanguard, try to determine which opponent vanguards are human players, and who are CPUs. Humans attack more often than AI players, so those are the targets you should pick.

Early battle you should hold off on summons and let RavenMoth use SR Fina and let Azaka summon Tricky Wisp as these two have a duration that lasts the entire battle. After that you can and should fire off your best Nightmare whenever you get the opportunity, there is no point in waiting as getting a head start never hurts.

Regaining SP in Colo, while similar to Purify, works a little differently.

  • You don’t have to fill up your SP all the way to max, you can always press “Return to Battle” on the top right. This is especially useful during skirmish, since hitting the enemy guild ship only costs 10 SP and time is limited. Quickly grabbing some SP and then returning to hitting before time runs out can make the difference between a downed enemy guild ship and an almost downed enemy guild ship.
  • If the enemy is attacking our guild ship and we are in the respawn dungeon you should ALWAYS fill up your SP to max. The only time this isn’t possible is when our guild ship only had a sliver of HP left and we go right back to battling.
  • Your special attack lets you regain a lot of SP quickly IF you have a lot of “SP bags” on screen (I don’t know what those things are supposed to be) so you should save it and use it strategically. Use it when time is critical. Ideally you want to use it on a screen full of SP bags with one or two big SP bags mixed in.

Our guild is not at a point where we are using advanced tactics so go bananas, kill, buff, heal for 20 minutes. The important thing is that you join, one human player is worth 3 CPUs. I will expand on this section once we refine our methods.

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General tips and tricks

In alphabetical order.


  • You can have at most double your max AP, any AP you gain beyond that just disappears.
  • As with any game, try to not let AP go to waste, when your AP is full you stop gaining.
  • If you need to get rid of AP quickly then burn it on an Event (cyclic) quest, the third one always costs 45 AP.

When you start out you should always prioritize Guerilla Events (Weapon Upgrade Materials) and this is where your purification tickets should go. After that your AP should go to Story chapters (that give the best EXP) and Limited Events (because when they end you’re SOL). Cyclic events only become interesting once you start running out of gold or need to evolve your weapons, and you don’t need to evolve your weapons until they are leveled up.

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  • The armor you can get from events is better than the stuff that drops in the Main Story.
  • Prioritize developing your weapons over armor until about the 70-80 thousand points mark. The benefit from armor is not that great at low levels.

Auto Combat

  • Auto combat is slow and random and it produces a lot less Mastery than manual play. You should only use it when you don’t have your hands free to play manually, or if you have no need for Mastery points.


  • You should collect as many classes as possible, yes, even the classes you don’t intend to play. This is because all classes give account-wide bonuses when you level them up.
  • Prioritize leveling your main class, then classes that have synergy with your main class, but eventually you’ll want to max out everything you have.

Events (cyclic)

  • These include Evolution Mysteries/Oddities, Secret to Riches, and so on, that repeat on a cycle.
  • Use the SINoALICE Event Timer to keep track of what is coming up: Link

Events (limited)

  • These are events that are only available for a limited time. All of these events (so far) have had amazing rewards, so you should try to milk them for everything you can.
  • Pick rewards depending on your playstyle. If you like to plan long-term then pick one item, max limit break it, then go to the next item, and so on. If you are more casual then buying crystals and evolve materials for your items is not a bad idea.


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  • Use Story → Co-Op Battle Settings to control who you bring along. Pick “Only Selected Friends” and choose the whaliest whales in your list, solo progress will be much improved. This works to a point, but after that point you need online humans to help in realtime.
  • When using “Only Selected Friends”, nobody else can join you, so if you want to start a guild co-op you have to change this to “Only Guild Members”.

Gear Grids

  • A grid is the same thing as “Gear” or “Gear sets”, in the game. Different name, same thing.
  • The amount of weapons you can put in your grid is limited by your level. Also, the maximum allowed points of all weapons in your grid (the “cost”) is level-dependent.
  • Use the red “recommended” button! It will save you so much time. Control what the button picks by leveling up the right weapons instead of micromanaging your grids.

Guerilla events

  • There are two types of these events, one for Weapon improvement fodder and one for Armor improvement. Both are available at the same time on a schedule.
  • Leveling up your weapons has a much greater effect on your power than armor, so start by farming that.
  • Use the SINoALICE Event Timer to keep track of when the next event starts: Link


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Leveling Up

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  • Mastery points gained is directly linked to the amount of SP spent. This is why you should not use Auto and farm manually as often as possible.
  • When farming something easy, where it doesn’t really matter what weapons you use because everything dies real quick, prioritize more SP-intense weapons like polearms and hammers. If all you get in is three hits then three hits with a 21 SP polearm give more Mastery than three hits with a 16 SP blade.


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  • When purifying, always tap the first target and drag the shortest path possible over all other targets.
  • When you fill all 5 “fire orbs” then you get a red arrow over your character and can do a special attack that wipes an entire screen of enemies. Don’t wait to use this, in fact, when you move to a new screen and the attack is ready, start tapping your character before you even see the enemies. Your goal is to use this special attack twice in a single purification. This is because the special attack stops the clock, any AP gained while the clock is stopped is a huge boon.
  • There is some sort of bonus for slaying enemies of the same color consecutively but I’m not sure what it is and I doubt it’s worth losing time over.

60+ slayings is a good result. You can get over 70 but it requires a lot of luck. 80 is the highest I’ve seen.

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